1 oz tin of Smiths Leather Balm - the very best in leather care! 

Handpoured by our friends in Maine, this leather balm is 100% safe, organic and our recommended leather care product. We use this balm ourselves in our own workshop, on the items we craft, and love the results.

Three simple ingredients ensure the best care for your leather goods: 100% organic cocoa butter, 100% organic beeswax and 100% organic sweet almond oil. 

Plus it smells great too!

To apply: 

Please ensure your leather item is clean from any dirt and completely dry

Using your clean bare hands, or a soft clean cloth, use a very small amount of balm and gently but firmly massage the balm into a discreet spot on your leather to first test the results. 

This balm will work its way into the pores of the leather and naturally darken the piece. As the balm soaks into the leather and any excess dries, the leather will lighten to its healthy color. 

You can minimize the darkening effect by using only a very small amount at a time. A little bit goes a long way. 

Reapply as necessary to restore and protect your favorite leather goods.