• "Hello Gavin, I received my order yesterday and am extremely pleased with the craftsmanship and fit. It fits perfect including all the loops! The smell of new leather is amazing!
    Thank you for this fine craftsmanship, it is a work of art,"

    -Scott G

  • "Gavin,
    We are very pleased with the craftsmanship of the sling.  We plan on showing it to our family and friends, and we will certainly put in a "good word". Thanks!"

    -Elaine and David N

  • "Good Afternoon Gavin … my cattleman gun belt arrived this afternoon, it’s perfect and well worth the wait my friend. So glad I chose Hellhound Leather. The color match is spot-on, and the rig for my Colt 45 fits like a glove. Quality craftsmanship for sure.
    Thanks again Gavin, all the best."

    -Bob G

  • "Perfect in every way!! Man this is Good!! Thank you!"

    -Michael S

  • "I just wanted to let you know that I have tried other lever wraps and you know who the competition is, but I have found that your wraps are far better than all of the others. I have them on both of my Henry rifles.
    The leather is slightly heavier which makes a very comfortable cushion to the old knuckles and the fit is absolutely perfect. I Want to thank you for a good product."

    -Jim S

  • "Just received my 2 belts. I am just amazed at your work, absolutely beautiful and perfect fit. Glad I found you! Your work surely will reach a cult following like Yeti Coolers, North Face or Patagonia, but better for it’s lifetime craftsmanship. Thanks again!!!"

    -Bryan F

  • "Hey Gavin, I picked up the belt and moonclips last week. The pictures really don't do them justice, and I struggle to think of anything else I own with this level of quality and craftsmanship. In fact I regret not getting a holster and drop loop from you, too (especially because it tooka lotof work to fit my drop loop on the belt)!
    Anyhow, I really do appreciate all the time and effort you put into this, and I am looking forward to using it for many years. I certainly know where to go, and where to send people if they need any top-tier leathercrafting done.
    I'm sure I'll reach out soon enough for more of your work! Best regards to you and your family in the meantime."

    -Codey R

  • "Seriously, I’m beyond words with how awesome this sling turned out. Y’all are going to be the only company I recommend and use in the future. The attention to detail and craftsmanship far surpassed anything I had imagined. A true meaning of craftsmanship, art and talent! Thanks again!"

    -Chet M

  • "I first saw HellHound Leather holsters looking through Instagram and I was impressed! I didn't see any options on this website for a Ruger Super Blackhawk, so I sent a message on Instagram to see if a holster could be made, since I own an oddball 3.75" barrel. I was told that he'd try and locate a blackhawk model to make the holster, it took less than a few hours for him to find one!
    Now, having the custom holster in my hands it's simply beautiful. I'm honestly blown away by the quality and detail that shows through. It'll serve my Ruger well for the rest of my life.
    I can't wait to order more holsters for other guns and can't recommend Hellhound leather and their Crater Valley holster more!"

    -Eric E

  • "Big BIG shoutout to Hellhound Leather Co for making this easy to install and absolutely beautifully ergonomic leather lever action wrap for my Henry .410 Axe ! 10 star review. There is nothing else on the market even comparable with this product! Thank you all so much! It truly makes this already beautiful rifle even more beautiful!!"


  • "Ordered the lever wrap for my Henry Golden Boy .22 rifle with the extended lever. This was my first time to attempt such a project but the leather, threads and instructions were all first rate! I took my time and followed the video. Everyone that has seen it installed says that it looks like a highly skilled craftsman did the work. That would not have been possible without the product and support. Thank you!"

    -David F

  • "Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you these are the best templates I have seen. Heavy duty, very well made, and will last a life time. Cowboy hats off to you for this product. I am a retired craftsman in Oklahoma. I still do some projects for family, mostly Colt SAA and 1911 holsters and gun belts (seven family members who are shooters) if I had these templates 25 years ago I would have saved time and effort. I would recommend these templates to professional and hobby leather workers without hesitation.

    From a Longtime leather craftsman, cowboy and federal law enforcement officer."

    - Robert G

  • "Dear Gavin,
    You are a master craftsman!  I put it on shortly after it arrived. Took several hours, little by little, until I could snap the stock cuff. Amazing fit and on the bullet holders too. Precision. Admiring it as I write!
    It is so beautiful."

    - John J

  • "Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my rig arrived today. I'm blown away! Better than expected and well worth the wait! Now I see why you have the waiting list that you do. Thank you for all the effort and care you clearly put into my set!"

    - Mike N

  • "Gavin, just received my Western Skies in black and I want to tell you your work is first class ! My Les Baer 1911 fits perfect and the holster rides well and is comfortable on the hip. I am looking fwd to years of enjoyment with this combo. Thanks again!"

    -Scott W

  • "Gavin, I received the lever today. What a great job! I am super-fussy & particular and like to do most of my gunsmithing myself (and consider myself quite adept at it), but there's no way I could have done that good of a job! Regardless of the craft, I always seek out the guy who is a master at it, and you definitely are a master at yours! I couldn't be happier with the job and I'll definitely do business with you again and will recommend you without hesitation.  Thanks again for the excellent job!"

    -Mark S

  • "Gavin, Got the 50/70 belt slide, and it's nothing short of perfect! It's going on a Texas hunt this fall, sharing a belt with a first generation Colt, and a TFW Bowie. The belt slide will be holding ammo for an 1867 rolling block. Thank's for making my equipment complete!"


  • "Extremely well made. High quality, well worth the wait. Top notch craftsmanship. Haven't seen this type of craftsmanship in 30 years. OUTSTANDING"

    -Vincent I

  • "Outstanding. As a customer I've only had pleasure of purchasing acrylic templates. Having an inside glimpse of the inner workings, wonderful folks that pour their heart and soul into their products. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality leather goods."

    -Evan B

  • "The Absolute Best! I have been looking for a leather wrap that fit my Henry Big Boy Steel. I tried two others including a well reviewed product but they just never fit. Sure they all were long enough but NEVER wide enough. That is until Hell Hound. That baby fit like a glove and thanks to their fantastic video it was easy to install. Don’t waste your time with others. This one works."

    - James L

  • "I am very pleased with the Holster, Cartridge and twin Mag templates. The items are professionally made and the easily understood markings help identify marking the leather. The pricing and shipping was another reason I purchased from Hellhound rather than here in Australia as costs for similar items are ridiculously high, without the Quality. Thank you Hellhound. Also the Hellhound logo gives it a personal touch. I will soon be purchasing Revolver templates in the near future.

    - Maurice W

  • "The best I’ve ever seen.
    Good day Gavin. I have been in the North Georgia mountains enjoying the fall colors for a few days and when I returned home my neighbor gave me a package that had arrived. With great anticipation I opened it and there was my new Ghostwood holster. My only comment was WOW! Your web site pictures do not do your talent and your product justice. When holding it in my hands and examining it I see that you are truly a professional leatherworker. I cannot wait to receive more of your work. Thank you, Ronny"

    -Ronny W