Unfortunately due to severe delays in our leather shipments from the tanneries, we are very behind in crafting and production. Without leather we cannot move forward and at the present time we are not willing to sacrifice the quality of our goods by buying hobby grade leathers for the sake of staying on schedule. Rest assured that leather is still coming in, slowly, and I am working as quickly as I am able. We appreciate the understanding of our customers and trust that they place the same value on quality that we do.

For more information on this, please see our FAQs.


Coming from the Western Rocky Mountains, our little family-run business is surrounded by inspiring and industrious people. The folks out here work hard and pour everything they've got into what they undertake. We live by that ethic and we work hard to bring you the very best in traditionally crafted leather goods. We are deeply passionate about quality and the reputation of our brand and family name, so we cut no corners. 

We believe in supporting the American dream and do our best to source all of our materials from American companies and focus on American manufactured goods with real sustainable quality.

We truly believe in the value of what we are creating; both in Leather and Legacy.