Traditional leather tools

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Below are a random selection of the custom builds that I have created over the years, the most recent being at the top. If you see anything that interests you, if you like our style, or if you have an idea for something new - Give me a call and lets make it come to life!

A naturally colored leather holster for the 1911, full coverage lid and mag pouch laying next to a candle lantern and pine boughs

Black pancake holster with Celtic Shield tooling

Black leather shoulder holster with three magazine pouches fit to a Desert Eagle

Black leather rifle sling with a black beaver tail overlay and tooled edges lays on a rustic brown background next to a Henry rifle and small bundle of wheat

Handtooled and stitched buttstock cuff for Henry Axe stock with attached tooled sling

Oxblood Jordan duty holster and double speed loader pouches on a canvas draped mannequin against a rough rock background.


Lustrous rich brown holster and gunbelt set modeled after Josh Faraday's rig from Magnificent 7 sitting atop a wooden floor and crate.

Dark brown leather shoulder holster for 1911 with gray python inlay and double magazine pouch hanging on a mannequin draped in white canvas

beautiful rustic western gun rig on a weathered fence post

 Rustic Western Gun Leather; Twin Buscadero Gun Rigs, Rifle harness and sling, saddle bags and Full Bandoliers

Customized No-Drill Harness Slings

Modern S&W Sheild Holster with Goat Skull and Memento Mori

Beautiful Women's Western Gun Belt and Holsters

Custom Leather Western Gun Rig - Oilskin exterior with brass star conchos

Custom Leather - Hand tooled western holsters

Custom Leather - custom Hamilton watch band made of kangaroo and shark skin

Custom Leather - custom motorcycle bags in oilskin and burned with a viking style dragon

Custom Leather - custom leather western holster with company logo brand

Rifle Gun Belt


 ranger cartridge belt and holster sass cowboy action

Custom Travel Case for Charging Station

Custom Applewatch strap Crocodile tail leather

 Custom Applewatch strap Crocodile tail leather

Custom Stingray holster 1911

Custom Inlay Crocodile Leather Holster

Custom 1911 holster suede lined with marble brindle dye

Leather knife sheathe angled view   Leather knife sheath front view

Shotgun Butt Cover

Shotgun Butt Cover Initials

Leather Wallet with Family Crest   

Leather Wallet with Sunflowers Personalized