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A beautiful addition to any lever-action rifle, this premium quality leather wrap kit makes it easy for you to add a whole new dimension to the look and feel of your Henry. These snug fitting lever wraps soften the edges of your lever and greatly increase comfort.

We provide lever wrap kits for the following lever models:

Henry .22 H001 Model Standard Loop

lever gun accessories lever wrap

Trigger Guard wrap option not available for H001 models


Henry Standard Loop

gun lever accessories henry .22


Henry Large Loop H006, H012 and H010B/Henry Large Loop H001TER Evil Roy
(Additional trigger guard wrap option NOT available for H001 model Large Loops)
PLEASE NOTE: Henry Large Loop H009/H024-3030 and H024-3855 version is a different sized large lever and the usual large lever kit will not fit this model. Please be sure to select "Large Loop H024-3030 & H024-3855 "H9" for these models. 

gun lever accessories Henry large loop wrap


Henry Large Loop for Models H009/H010/H018/Henry XModel Series/Henry AXE Pistol Shotgun

gun lever accessories henry large loop wrap

PLEASE NOTE: Henry Medium Loop with mark H9X-23 stamped into the side is a different sized medium lever and the usual medium lever kit will not fit this model. Please be sure to select "Medium Loop XModel "H9X-23"" for these models. Please reference image below:



While each kit is carefully cut to fit your lever exactly sometimes slight variations in the leather thickness can result in a slightly looser or tighter fitting wrap. Since leather is a natural product, this does happen on occasion. If your installed wrap is looser than you'd prefer, please reach out to us for suggestions on how to tighten it.

If you have a lever that does not match the models listed, please reach out.

Kit Includes:

  • 5 oz Wickett&Craig traditional harness leather wrap
  • 40 inches of sinew string
  • 12 inches of sinew string finishing loop
  • Two leather stitching needles 
  • Instruction sheet


We also offer professional lever wrapping for an additional $25. If you are interested in a professional wrap, please contact us by phone (385-707-3751) or email and we will discuss the details, send you a PayPal invoice and provide you with our mailing address. Once your lever arrives, our typical turn around time is two to three business days.






  • Premium Quality Veg Tanned Leather, Materials and Craftsmanship
  • Our leather is sourced from American tanneries- Wickett & Craig Tannery of Pennsylvania 
  • 6oz full grain veg tan Traditional Harness Leather


All of our items at Hellhound are works of art that are made to order and handcrafted one at a time in our workshop in Utah.
These are not mass produced or made ahead of time and each holster is carefully hand cut and crafted to fit your firearm.


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Hellhound gun leathers, belts, holsters and slings are works of art that are made to order and handcrafted one at a time in our workshop in Utah. These are not mass produced or made ahead of time and each item is carefully hand cut and crafted just for you.

We are a very small, custom leather shop and due to high demand, our lead times have increased.

Our current lead times are 3 to 7 business days.