Hellhound Leather Co Lever Action Wrap

Hellhound Leather Co Lever Action Wrap

The classic lever action rifle has been a symbol of the American West for almost 200 years and remains a favorite for sport shooters and western enthusiasts alike. Lever action rifles are exciting to shoot and remain a reliable rifle for hunters and firearm enthusiasts. Lever action rifles are known and loved for their classic design, reliability, and versatility. One of the most popular and budget-friendly customizations for your lever action rifle is adding a lever wrap, which adds comfort and style to your firearm. Below is a guide to help explore and make that decision.

lever wrap kit

What is a rifle lever wrap?

Quite simply, a lever wrap is the covering or material that is placed on the lever of your lever action rifle. The purpose of the wrap is to provide a comfortable and secure grip for the shooter, especially during long shooting sessions or competitions. There are several styles of wrap and many different materials used including paracord, cloth, leather or neoprene. The leather lever wraps from Hellhound Leather Co are made from premium quality leather and transform the look and shooting experience of your lever action rifle.

Why is the lever wrap important?

Lever wraps have been one of our most popular leather products due to the improvement they offer to a shooter by reducing the impact the levering action has on a shooter's hand. Said to be “Nice on the knuckles”, the thick and high quality leather Hellhound uses for wraps softens the blow of each cycling action. Shooting for extended periods can be taxing, especially when the lever's metal surface is slippery or cold. A quality leather lever wrap provides a comfortable and secure grip that reduces hand fatigue and helps the shooter maintain control over the rifle. Additionally, the wrap can absorb some of the recoil and reduce the impact on the shooter's hand.

How does the lever wrap affect the performance of your rifle?

  1. Hellhound Leather Co lever wraps can affect the performance of your rifle in several ways. First, as we mentioned earlier, it can improve the shooter's experience by reducing hand fatigue and allowing for better control over the rifle. This improved control can lead to more accurate shots and better overall performance. Additionally, the wrap can help to dampen any vibrations or recoil that may occur when firing, making it easier for the shooter to maintain their aim.
  2. Another advantage of a lever wrap is that it can help to protect the rifle from scratches and other damage that can occur over time. The wrap acts as a buffer between the lever and any surfaces it may come into contact with, preventing damage to both the rifle and the surface.

Lever wrap installation

The Hellhound Leather Co lever wrap kits are cut by hand and fit very precisely to your lever model. We stand behind our materials, work and fit, so we have earned the reputation of having the best lever wraps on the market. Our kits include everything you need to make it easy to install the kit on your rifle lever action and our customers have experienced great success in achieving a “professional look” when they follow along with our video tutorial. All of our kits include the following items:

  • 6 oz Wickett&Craig premium full grain veg tan Traditional Harness leather
  • 40 inches of sinew string
  • 12 inches of sinew string finishing loop
  • Two pre-threaded leather stitching needles
  • Instruction sheet with a link to our YouTube tutorial video
  • Small strips of double sided foam mounting tape to reduce slippage

Hellhound Leather Co also provides professional lever action wrapping services. If you are interested in this please contact us first to discuss the details regarding pricing and the shipping address. Once Hellhound Leather receives your lever, we will handle payment and get your lever wrapped. Our typical turnaround to ship it back to you is 2-3 business days.

Hellhound Leather Co offers lever wraps for the following rifle makes:

Henry rifle lever wraps
Marlin rifle lever wraps
    We also offer Ranger Point Precision after-market lever wraps
Winchester rifle lever wraps
Rossi rifle lever wraps
Chiappa rifle lever wraps

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