The Ghostwood holster is handcrafted from a blend of leathers to achieve the perfect balance of quality durability and rustic style. The exterior has been crafted using a 6 oz oiled pull-up leather to give the holster a rugged and distressed appearance, but lined in a full grain 6 oz W&C premium veg tanned tooling leather to provide structure, protection and durability. To increase stabilization on your belt and to prevent the holster from twisting during draw, the holster has been crafted with a flared half-skirt. Accented with a laced collar, rough edges and all the natural range marks and blemishes from the life of the steer, no two holsters are exactly alike.

Our single action holsters are modeled on the common style used in and around the beginning of the 1870's through the end of the 1890's in the American West. They will fit most single action army or replica firearms for Cowboy Action Shooting sports such as any Colt 1873 Army (Pietta or Uberti models etc), Ruger Vaquero or New Ruger Vaquero. We can also custom build these holsters to fit any revolver - so if you do not see your firearm listed in the options, just contact me. 

Hellhound gun leathers, belts and holsters, are works of art that are made to order and handcrafted one at a time in our workshop in Utah. These are not mass produced or made ahead of time and each holster is carefully hand cut and crafted to fit your firearm. We source our leather from US tanneries and none of our leather products are outsourced or manufactured outside our workshop. 

This item is made to order, so crafting time may take up to two weeks. Please also be aware that, depending on the season, there may also be a wait-list of over a month. Please see our FAQs for current lead times! If you're in a hurry and need the item before that, contact me and we'll do what we can to help you out.

We understand that purchasing a holster for your gun is a very personal process and we invite you to call Gavin directly at 385-707-3751 with any questions, concerns or custom requests. 

We are happy to take custom orders if you require modifications that we do not list - just contact us!


  • premium quality veg tanned leather, materials and craftsmanship
  • our tooling leather is sourced from American tanneries, using North American cattle - Wickett & Craig Tannery of Pennsylvania, Acadia of Maine 
  • 12 oz total thickness
  • stitched full length welt to increase holster strength and reduce drag upon draw
  • Pre-molded for a perfect fit right out of the box