How to measure belts

It is very important to provide us with the correct size for your gun belt!

Gun belts are not measured the same as your standard pants belt, so please do not provide us with your pants size or pants belt size.

In order to get the most accurate fit for your gunbelt, we request that you measure yourself so that we can custom fit the belt to you using a "true measurement".

Please follow the directions below in order to provide us with an accurate size so that we can craft a perfectly fitting belt.

Please use a fabric/soft tape measure to measure around yourself, over the clothing you might typically wear with your gunbelt, wherever you plan to wear the belt.
If you're going to wear it down on your hips, measure there.
If you're going to wear it high on the waist, measure there.
If you're going to wear it right over the top of your pants belt, then please measure around yourself over the top of your pants belt.

If we are not provided with an accurate measurement, we cannot craft a correctly fitting belt. If the belt does not fit due to an inaccurate customer measurement, Hellhound is not responsible for the error and you will be charged a recrafting fee for a replacement belt.

If you have any questions regarding measurements, please feel free to call us at 385-707-3751