The Leather Folk Hero Bandolier

The Leather Folk Hero Bandolier

Taking center stage is the Folk Hero Bandolier by Hellhound Leather. This high quality bandolier is handcrafted from beg tanned leather and is a sight to behold. The Folk Hero Bandolier is not just an accessory, but is a statement and piece of art from Hellhound Leather that comes with roughly 70 bullet loops. This bandolier is both practical and nostalgic by allowing one to carry the extra rounds of ammunition they need while also allowing our customers to continue with the tradition of leather artisanship we put into each one of our products.




Why a bandolier?

During the old wild west, the bandolier was used by cowboys and outlaws to carry extra cartridges for their revolvers. Worn across your shoulder, our bandolier is made from the same quality leather and same skill and craftsmanship as our holster, belts and other products.

Is the leather bandolier from Hellhound Leather different?

Our leather bandoliers are made to order and are not mass produced. As mentioned, our bandoliers use the best veg tanned leather that comes from American tanneries like Wickett & Craig Tanner or Tasman Acadia Tannery. This quality leather allows our products, including the Folk Hero Bandolier to stand the test of time and become a part of your western holster collection.


Is the leather bandolier practical?

The Folk Hero is both practical and nostalgic. Allowing those that choose to carry a revolver while out on adventures the option of carrying extra cartridges, our bandolier can be used with many different calibers from the .45 Long Colt to the 500 S&W.

Hellhound Leather has always focused on products that our customers request and can use. The Folk Hero Bandolier is one of our top products and accessories. The quality that our leather artisans puts into our products like our bandolier is unmatched in the industry. Stop wasting money and time on inferior leather products and check out the Folk Hero Bandolier from Hellhound Leather.

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Your tutorial on the lever action wrap was awesome!! It turned out beautiful. Thanks!!

Steve mussell

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