Below is a short list of frequently asked questions we get here in the shop.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, we encourage you to write to us directly at gavin@hellhoundleatherco.com or call at 385-707-3751


How long will I have to wait before I get my order?

Hellhound Leather Co is a full time one-man custom shop and everything is made to order. Every leather item is crafted by hand within the walls of our workshop in Utah and we outsource nothing. We process and craft items in the order in which they are received and do our best to stay on schedule.

For small items such as lever wraps, wallets/pipe rolls or pants belts we try to ship out as quickly as we can. This usually happens within 7 business days.

For custom projects or gun leather items (rifle slings and scabbards, holsters, gun belts, bullet slides, shoulder rigs etc.) the crafting time is significantly longer and the custom nature of our work requires a very high attention to detail. We appreciate the patience and understanding of our clientele.

As a result of the current supply chain complications affecting companies nationwide, our lead times are somewhat uncertain at this time. We are doing our best to keep our lead times at 24 weeks (6 Months). 

REGARDING THE BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY WEEKEND SALES: Please be aware that items purchased on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still subject to standard processing times and this does not carry a "delivery by Christmas" guarantee! Please contact us for further information or to discuss gift deadline options.  

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at 385-707-3751


How do I go about making a custom order?

Its best to start with an email or a call directly to Gavin to talk about what you're looking for. We may go back and forth a few times on the details, but we want to make sure every aspect of the custom work is covered before we offer you a price. We do our best to be very fair about our pricing and so its important to get an accurate bid from the beginning.

Once we have nailed down exactly what you're looking for and all the details are worked out, we will send you a PayPal invoice. We require a 30% deposit (non-refundable to cover materials) in order to get in line and begin the build.

We do our best to keep communication open during the process and invite you to contact us at any point. We will also contact you if we need further clarification or direction on your build.


What shipping service do you offer?

Once your order is complete, we ship out using USPS Priority Mail and we provide you with a tracking number for your package. Typically, if you are within the United States, your package will arrive within 5 business days after shipment (sometimes as few as 3 and as many as 7). If you would like us to use FedEx or UPS for your package, additional shipping charges may apply, depending on current rates. Please contact us via email or phone and we are happy to work with you on shipping.

For our International Friends: Please be aware that your country may require VAT or import taxes or customs fees for the release of your package. You are responsible for any fees or duties to be paid to your local Government or customs office.
Please see below for more information regarding the import duty or tax associated with the countries we commonly ship to:

Australia: https://www.abf.gov.au/buying-online/buying-online

Canada: https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/import/courier/menu-eng.html

Germany: http://www.entering-europe.eu/germany/import-export-germany.php

United Kingdom: https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad

 Furthermore, please be aware of EU and UK Brexit changes that have come into effect January 1, 2021. You will likely be required to pay VAT taxes at time of import. For more information; Please see this UK Brexit transition guide, and we also recommend you consult with your local tax authority. 


    What if my gun isn't an option when trying to order a holster?

    That usually isn't a problem! We just list the firearms that we commonly get requests for on our website, but we can fit almost any of our items to your particular firearm. Please just contact us before you order and we'll talk about it. 


    What if my carry style (cross draw, cants, left hand etc) isn't an option when trying to order a holster?

    Most of our holsters can be converted easily to a cross-draw style and this can be selected in the "Draw Hand" options on the listing. If 'Cross Draw' is not an option on the listing this usually means that converting the holster to a cross draw would alter the holster skirt in a significant way. We are still happy to do this for you, but we would like to speak with you first about how the carry style will alter the holster you see on the listing. So please just give us a call so we can best serve you!

    If you need a canted holster at a certain degree, we're happy to do that - just leave us a note in the order (at checkout) about how you would like to carry. Inform us of how you would like the holster oriented and we'll make it happen. If you have any questions or concerns, just give us a call! 


    What leathers do you commonly use?

    Every leather and bit of hardware that goes into our pieces is carefully chosen to be the very highest quality. Nearly all of our gun leathers are sourced directly from the prestigious Wickett & Craig Tannery of Pennsylvania; one of the oldest, and one of the last remaining, strictly vegetable tanning facilities in the United States. We source directly from the tannery to ensure that only the highest grade leathers come to our shop. Depending on the project, we use their beautiful traditional harness leathers, their incredibly sturdy saddle skirting or their flawless tooling leathers. Since all of their leathers are veg tanned, they are safe for use with your firearm and will last generations if cared for properly.

      A few of our gun rigs may have oilskin exteriors to achieve a different look, but these are all lined with Wickett & Craig veg tanned tooling leather to protect the gun and add structure to the rig. 

      We also use a few leathers from Horween Tannery in Illinois, another very old and prestigious tannery of the United States. We incorporate their beautiful nubucks to line our gun belts. The exact color of our belt linings will vary from belt to belt depending on what colors are available, but generally black leather belts will have a black or gray Horween nubuck lining and brown leather belts will have a tan or brown Horween nubuck lining. Nubuck leather has the softness of suede, but it is a top grain leather and boasts greater durability and longevity. 

      All of our exotic skins are sourced from Pan American Leathers in New York, a tannery highly specialized in exotic skin tanning for the last 70 years. We use their exceptional quality shark, python, caiman and stringray and have access to many other exotic skins.These exotic skins are in compliance with all CITES regulations. 


      Can I use my own buckle?

      Absolutely - we are more than happy to work with you on the design of your gun rig! We use Chicago screws on all of our belts so buckles are very easy to swap out. We are also happy to use any embellishments or conchos or design elements you would like to send to us.


        I like some elements of some of your rigs and different elements on other rigs. Can I mix and match in a custom order?

        Since this is a custom build shop, you're welcome to mix and match any elements of any rig you want. All we ask is that you're very clear and explicit in your instructions and that we get everything in writing. This will help us keep orders straight as we craft your unique piece. Custom orders such as these may be subject to our custom order returns policy (see below).


          Can I return my item?

          We offer returns and refunds on all standard items (purchased directly from our website or Etsy shop) if the item is in its original condition, un-used and returned in its original packaging within 15 days of receiving it.

          If your item is a custom project, we reserve the right to accept returns and provide refunds on a case-by-case basis. Whether or not we will offer a refund is dependent upon the type of custom project and the extent of customization.